Commercial Cleaning

Office, warehouse, event center, whatever you have, our team can keep your space clean. Commercial cleaning by Magenta.


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More Than Pretty

With commercial cleaning, a clean workspace is more than just being pretty, a clean workspace will affect your safety and health. It can also affect your workplace morale. A clean workspace can reduce stress on exquipment and tools as well.

Weekly (Most Popular)

The most efficeient and cost effective option for keeping your workspace clean.

Every Other Week

If your workspace doesn’t get too dirty, bi-weekly can be a great option.

Once a Month

Just need the hard to reach areas touched up here and there? Monthly cleaning is the way to go. 

One-time Commercial  Cleaning

Many workplaces have a plan for keeping the space clean on a regular basis by having an in-house maintenance person or by having employees share the cleaning duties. While this is a good on-going option, sometimes there’s a need for a one time office cleaning.

One-time commercial cleanings are helpful if you recently moved in or are moving out. Or maybe you just haven’t cleaned in a while and the dust is starting to pile up. A one time cleaning can help get your workspace back to like new, so then you can take it from there.

Our-one time commercial cleaning prices are kept simple. We charge by the square foot. However, there may be scenarios where we have to adjust our estimate.

Commercial Cleaning Options

We know that not every workspace is the same and you may need different services outside of our standard cleaning. We can customize your cleaning program to fit exactly what you need.

  • We meet to tour your place and learn about what you need cleaned
  • We provide an estimate and schedule
  • You pay per visit or monthly
  • We keep your workspace clean and safe

Additional Options

Carpet Cleaning

Is the vacuum not fully cleaning the carpet? We can do a deep clean to make them fresh again.

Window Cleaning

As a standard, we clean the inside of your windows, but if the outsides are getting bad, we can help with that too.

Outdoor Furniture

Do you have an employee break area or a place for customers to sit outside? We can keep that space clean as well.

Ceiling Cleaning

Do you have dust collecting on those high ceiling fans or lights? We can clean those on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Trash Removal

If you end up with a large pile of trash from a spring cleaning or unboxing new office furniture, we can haul that away for you so you don’t overfill your dumpster.

Bathrooms Only

Our bathrooms only option is great for busy restaurants or retailers that need a deeper clean in their bathrooms while the employees handle the rest.

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