Here are the details you need to know when working for Magenta. If you have any questions, please don’t hessitate to ask. Thanks for being amazing!


Cleaning can sometimes feel thankless, but it’s a very important job. We clean because we believe a clean environment allows people to be more focused at work, more comfortable at home, and feel safe wherever they are. 

We’re here to serve our clients, go above and beyond, and never finish until the job is done. We’re professionals, so we stay knowledgeable, efficient, and more detailed than anyone else. 

We’re a team. We work together to get the job done right. We’re on each others’ side and always look for ways to help each other. 


Cleaning isn’t rocket science, but there are plenty of ways for you to be more detailed and more efficient. There are also some good Do’s and Don’ts that will help you clean properly and avoid any mistakes. For that reason we’ve put together some training videos for you to watch. We are always adding to this playlist, so we will let you know when new videos are available. If there’s a specific task that you would like training on, please let us know. 

The Basics

These are the basic guidlines to being employed by Magenta Cleaning. We stand firm on the line of grace and high expectations. Clarity is extremely important.

  • Always over communicate. Make sure your communication was received and receieved as intended. When in doubt, communicate with your team or client.
  • Be timely. Be on-time. Be efficient. 
  • Be Friendly. Always be friendly and positive when talking with clients. Don’t complain, especially to clients. Build relationships, but stay professional. 
  • All in the details. Pay attention to details. Slow is fast. Take your time to do it right, or you’ll have to do it again. 


Smoking (of any kind, marijuana, vaping, cigarettes, etc.) is not permitted while on the clock. Please do not smoke within 30 minutes of arriving at a client property. Do not smoke while at a client property. Do not smoke in Magenta facilities or vehicles.

Broken Items

When you first arrive at a property, do a thorough check of the property to identify any issues or broken items. If you find something broken, report it to the client immediately and make a note in Jobber. If you happen to break something, make a note in Jobber and report it to the client and Magenta immdiately.

Calling Off

If you need to call off for any reason, please notify us as soon as you know. No-call/no-show can result in immediate termination.

  • 3 call-offs will result in a writeup
  • 3 writeups will result in termination


Always dress professionally and appropriately. Always wear Magenta gear when possible. Sweatpants are not allowed. Always remove shoes or put on shoe booties when in client homes.

Accepting Payments

If a customer pays you at your cleaning, drop the payment off at the Blackwood Creative Office as soon as possible. Please send a photo of that payment in Slack. 


Sometimes clients will want to give you gifts of various nature. While this is acceptable, please be sure that they know it’s not a trade for payment for their cleaning service.

Phone Usage

All Magenta team members are required to have an active and working smartphone, preferably an iPhone 12 or newer. This is so that we can communicate with you quickly and easily. You will also use this phone to check your schedule and use the Jobber app. 

You are not permitted to use your phone for personal use during a cleaning unless it’s an emergency. You may listen to music on your phone using headphones. If you want to text/call for personal reasons, please do that before or after your clean and outside of the residence/office. 


Please use Slack to communicate as much as possible. This helps us keep communication centralized. If you have a concern or problem, please call so that communication is clear and efficient. 

Magenta Org Chart

Kyle Johnson – Partner/CEO

  • Marketing
  • Growth
  • Jobber/Slack/Tech
  • Big picture operational stuff

Sue Stauffer – Partner/GM

  • Client related Questions
  • Product related questions
  • Training
  • Scheduling Indiana (Wendy for Florida)

Marri Fleming – HR

  • Time Off
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Purchases/equipment and product needs

Team Leaders (Wendy, Mandy, Ty)

  • Job Site needs/questions/plans
  • Client Interaction
  • Checklist
  • Mark Visit Complete