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Getting started with MagentaBNB is easy. Here are some details you’ll need to know.

Guest Experience

Guest experience is imperative to a successful short term rental. We add the little touches like mints, folded toilet paper, neatly stacked towels, and a couple water bottles in the fridge. You can choose mints we use or any other touches you want added to make your guest feel more than welcome. If you don’t have a preference, we’ll handle it. 

A 5 star review is extremely valuable, so be ready and willing to invest in these guest experience extras. The ROI will be obvious. 


granger cleaning service

What you need in house.

Don’t leave your guests empty handed when they arrive. Here’s what MagentaBNB requires for our clients to have in house.

  • 1.5 towels per guest
  • Two sets of linens per bed
  • Extra Blankets and pillows
  • Basic all-purpose cleaning supplies for guests
  • Basic toiletries – handsoap, dish soap, shampoo/body wash
  • Paper towel and toilet paper
  • Basic cooking supplies

Here’s more info from our friends at AirBNB >

Our MagentaBNB Process


We start by reviewing your property and agreeing on a contract.


We’ll handle a fresh set of professional photos. Photos are second to price in attracting a new guest.


AFter some price research, we’ll create an attractive and complete listing and post it to our agreed-upon channels.


Keeping your listing booked is our main job. We’ll make sure it’s booked as much as you’d like.

Turn Overs

Turn overs need to be clean and quick. We’ll use our professional cleaning crew to keep your space fresh.


Nothing lasts forever, so we’ll keep an eye on things and make necessary repairs. They’re done automatically if under $300. We’ll get a quote and your approval if it’s more than $300.


We collect all payments from guests. From there we deduct any costs and ACH the rest into your bank account.


Looking for a pool contractor, lawn care pro, HVAC company, or some other local resource? We’ve got a Pro List for you to choose from.


Ready to get started with MagentaBNB?