Cleaning the home isn’t something that everyone looks forward to doing, but it’s the kind of chore that needs to get done. A lack of cleaning only exacerbates the problem of clutter, dust, and a buildup of dirt throughout the home. If you’ve been putting it off for weeks now, you’re only giving yourself more work to do in the long run.

However, if you’ve decided that you’d like to start getting into a routine of cleaning on a specific day, there are certain times that are best to complete those thorough, deep cleanings that the house needs. Check out these ideas for some of the best times to clean your home to get the job done without stress or frustration! And if you don’t want to clean your house at all, Magenta Cleaning is ready to clean for you!


Most people look forward to cleaning the home on a Saturday because it’s a time when a lot of people have off. If you’re off on the weekends, you can get your cleaning done on Saturday so that you’re able to relax on Sunday. Instead of sleeping in too late, consider setting an alarm to get yourself up at a moderate time.

It doesn’t mean you need to wake up as early as possible, especially when you’re trying to enjoy the opportunity to sleep in a bit later than you would on the weekdays. However, it does mean getting up at a time that gives you plenty of hours to get your cleaning done and still enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

For example, if you get up at 9:00 AM and have breakfast before getting started, you can knock out a lot of the chores within the next four to five hours and still have the rest of the evening to relax, unwind, and do what you love.

Extended Weekends

Extended weekends provide the perfect opportunity for house cleaning. So, if your children are off an extra day or two and so are you, that gives you more rest and relaxation time. You could pick one of the days during the extended weekend, whether it’s a Thursday, Friday, or even a Monday that you all have off, and then get the cleaning done that day.

And, if you don’t want to feel like you’re overwhelming yourself with too many tasks, you can always break the cleaning down into two separate days. For example, you could do the bedrooms and upstairs bathroom the first day followed by the living room, kitchen, and downstairs bathroom the next day. 

You might also want to plan out when you’re going to start and finish your cleaning. Starting at around 10 AM and stopping at 2 PM would give you more than enough time to get a lot of tasks completed without feeling burnt out by your cleaning. There are plenty of things you can get done within those four hours, such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, putting clothes away, going through old belongings, and more.

Sunday Morning

Some people don’t like cleaning on Sunday. And, if you go to church, cleaning on Sunday may not be much of an option because you’re busy and have things to do. However, if you’re normally home on Sunday feeling bored and unsure what to do, use that time wisely to clean your home. Of course, you’ll want to take it easy from time to time on a Sunday. But, if you’re getting started earlier in the day, you can still enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have time to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying a homemade meal.

Cleaning the home isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing to do, but it has to get done. If you want to keep your home clutter-free, clean, and looking its absolute best, consider choosing one of the best times for a home cleaning. The ideal time may vary based on your schedule and other responsibilities that you have. However, some of the best times to get motivated to do important cleaning tasks include Saturday mornings, during extended weekends when you and the children have a long weekend, or even Sunday mornings if you don’t go to church and have the extra time to spare.

What if you don’t want to clean your home? Contact Magenta Cleaning today! We do commercial, residential, and even new construction cleanup!